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These are pages of Michał Bojanowski, a sociologist. Browse the links at the top or tag cloud at the right to explore the site.

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To są strony Michała Bojanowskiego, socjologa. Zapraszam pod linki na górze. Większość materiałów jest w języku angielskim. Strony po polsku opatrzone są tagiem "polski".

Recent posts on Brokering Closure
  • Alluvial diagrams (2014-03-27 19:21)
    Parallel coordinates plot is one of the tools for visualizing multivariate data. Every observation in a dataset is represented with a polyline that crosses a set of parallel axes corresponding to variables in the dataset. You can create such plots in R using a function parcoord in package MASS. For example, we can create such […]
  • Gadka na SERze (2014-03-10 02:31)
    These are slides from the very first SER meeting – an R user group in Warsaw – that took place on February 27, 2014. I talked about various “lifehacking” tricks for R and focused how to use R with GNU make effectively. I will post some detailed examples in forthcoming posts. Oto moje slajdy z pierwszego Spotkania Entuzjastów […]
  • Slides from Sunbelt 2014 talk on collaboration in science (2014-03-09 02:24)
    Here are the slides from my Sunbelt 2014 talk on collaboration in science. I talked about: Some general considerations regarding collaboration or the lack of it. I have an impression that we are quite good at formulating arguments able to explain why people would like to collaborate. It’s much less understood why we do not observe […]